We are a manufacturer of kitchen and household items, supplying the European market with the best quality products for 23 years. The quality of the entire design process of our products is guaranteed by a team of qualified engineers and designers. Commitment to our work, professionalism and excellent product standards are the values that have given us a stable position in the industry. Year after year we acquire new distributors who appreciate the clear and partnership principles of working with us.


In 2011, we created a line of exclusive kitchen products under the EDENBERG brand. Thanks to the good quality of the products supplied and the excellent marketing team, the EDENBERG brand is developing dynamically and attracting new, satisfied customers. Every day we improve our offer to meet the standards of the demanding European market to the maximum, while maintaining competitive prices. We transfer new trends not only to design philosophy, but also to marketing strategy. The change in the logo symbolizes our constant desire for development, flexibility and openness to change. We are extremely proud of the results of our long-term work, making cooking easier and more enjoyable. We are glad you trusted us.


In view of the different tastes of our customers, we have created different product lines. The wealth of patterns and colors gives you the freedom to choose a product that will match the style of any interior - from classic elegance to modern minimalism. In our offer, every customer will find the ideal article for themselves.


We only use the best quality materials for the production of kitchenware. We attach great importance to thorough quality control at every stage of the production process. We work exclusively on the basis of the best production technologies, which guarantee the best standard of safety and quality of delivered goods. We have extensive warehouse facilities, so that we guarantee the continuity of the supply of goods to all trading partners.

You are welcome in our showroom, where you will find all our products. We are happy to advise you about the purchase and answer all your questions. Come and see our products live. You can find us at the address: Watermanstraat 28A in Tilburg.


If you would like more information about our products, please call or email us today.